NewDay Heart Omega-3

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✔ Supports heart health ✔ Higly concentrated natural omega-3 ✔ Supports the muscles and the immunesystem ✔ With MenaQ7®, the ONLY clinically supported vitamin K2 ✔ MenaQ7® is patented for cardiovascular health. ✔ Individually packed to provide the best quality



NewDay Heart is a smart and powerful combination, to provide you with important omega-3 fatty acids ánd vitamin D3 en K2. Specially developed to get the best out of yourself. NewDay came up with this well-thought-out 3-in-1 solution for you. The clinically proven combination of ingredients shown to improve heart and bone health. • Cleverly composed • Packed in blister strips for extra protection to guarantee the high quality! • 25 years of experience in omega-3 oil • Sustainable and honest