NewDay Mama Complete Omega-3 + Folic Acid + Vitamin D3


✔ The only prenatal supplement with 450 mg omega-3 ✔ Supports brain and visual health of the mother ✔ Supports eye development of the (unborn) child ✔ Supports the development of the brains of the (unborn) child ✔ Plant based algae omega-3 ✔ Complies with the extra nutrient recommendations ✔ Individually packed to provice optimal quality



NewDay Mama Complete is a smart combination, of important plant based omega-3 fatty acids ánd folic acid, vitamin D3 and ginger. Specifically developed with an expert team, for you as a mother (to be)! NewDay came up with this well-thought-out 4-in-1 solution; a well-balanced dosage in easy to swallow capsules. • Cleverly composed • Our omega-3 is 100% plant based • Your daily requirements of extra nutrients as a mama (to be) • Small capsule to make it easy to swallow • Packed in blister strips for extra protection to guarantee the high quality! Suggested use 2 soft gels per day, preferably with meals. Vegetarian Yes. Does not contain Gluten, lactose, artificial flavours and colourants.


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